Sanja Selak, PhD

Chief Executive and Scientific Officer (CEO/CSO)

Sanja is Origimm’s founder and inventor with more than 25 years of experience in immunology, serology, microbiology and antigen discovery.

Besides managing and leading business and scientific strategy, she also dedicates significant attention to innovation and team development.

Sanja had studied and worked at world renowned academic institutes around the globe including the Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada; Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, MA, USA; and the Neurobiology Institute Ramon y Cajal in Madrid.

Sanja was previously Head of Department of Serology and Immune Assays at Intercell AG (Valneva), where she managed various collaborative projects and evaluated the efficacy of product candidates from the early discovery to phase II clinical trials. She distinguished herself for accurately predicting the success of various vaccine candidates in clinical trials based on sophisticated methods for antigen validation that she designed and developed.

For Sanja, science is the highest form of art accomplished by creative imagination. This approach stems from her music background: Sanja is also an accomplished pianist and musician.

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