Excerpts from patients‘ letters:

S. (female, age 40)

“…When I was a teenager I swore I never wanted children because I didn’t want them to go through the same things I had to deal with.
People were were staring at me, laughing at me, … and even once … on a bus, a group of school kids were spitting at me. Nobody said anything … I really felt ugly. I was ashamed. I didn’t have a lot of friends.
But then after lots of different treatments … (my) acne became better, although it never disappeared… (and) I kind of forgot all the misery. I got married and we had a beautiful son, and a few years later also a beautiful little girl. When they were born I thought a solution for acne would already be on the market by the time they become become teenagers.“… My son (16 now) is developing acne, but no effective treatment has been found till now.
I feel sad because there is nothing I can do to help him … I would like (him) to have a normal life without being stressed all the time, so I really hope this (treatment) will be available very soon … before it’s too late for my children …”


“…I’ve been suffering having these nasty breakouts since I was 13 years old. I tried everything – antibiotics (doxycycline), isotretinoin (accutane), supplements (vit a, vit d3 and vit c), topical regimens, chemical peels, fractional laser and whatever my dermatologist would suggest, and now I’m on a strict diet…. Sometimes my face would clear up for about 1-2 weeks, but most of the time I’m stuck with it. I spent thousands but it all keeps coming back. It never ends… I’m so desperate right now…. My hopes are up again about this (product)… ”


“…When I read about this (treatment), I was really excited and I cried a little because finally, there’s hope for me, hope for all the people suffering with acne. I know it will still take a few, or maybe a lot of years to deliver the product because it will take a lot of trials and a lot of funds, but I will still wait for it and hopefully I will be cured.

I’ve been battling acne since I was 13 years old and I’m 22 now. I’ve been to see a lot of dermatologists in our country and I’ve been put through a lot of topical medicines that didn’t work at all … My 2nd isotretinoin journey ended last June (2013) and I had perfect skin. Unfortunately for me, the acne is slowly but surely coming back. I don’t know what to do anymore.

I realized, I spent thousands for the acne treatments I had and instead of going on a vacation or buying something nice for myself, the money would always end up (going) on treating my acne, which is really depressing. I do this because people these days look down on you if you’re different: If your face is full of acne and it disgusts them, if you’re not good-looking for them they treat you differently from people who have clear skin and good looks. Nobody should ever have to experience this. It’s not just physically painful, but also emotionally …”

R.G. (male, age 20)

R.G. (male, age 20)

“I am in tears as I write, as (my) desperation for a cure for this disease which has haunted me throughout a third of my entire life is at an all-time high.

I have had severe cystic acne since I was around 13 years old. Prior to this, I was outgoing, happy, content, and generally just an optimistic human being with a fairly good grasp on my life. When the acne came, well, I didn’t think much of it at first until it became painful and eventually spread all across my face, week by week worsening in severity until at one point I was unable to see out of my left eye due to a multitude of cysts that had formed around my upper cheek, nose, temple area and forehead.

I recall often being out and people would stare at me, I was wondering if it was in disgust or pity. I distinctly remember on one occasion at the skatepark when I used to skate, a child walked up to me and asked me, “What happened to your face?” I think I remember telling him I had been stung by bees, or something of that nature. That was the last time I skated there for many years.

Thank you very much for your efforts in ridding the world of this disease …  Acne goes much deeper for some of us than simply a cosmetic hindrance, but being so uncomfortable, we sufferers have resorted to using dangerous drugs, which for myself and many others have been an absolute nightmare … …I absolutely feel as though I have reduced my life expectancy taking the drug given the relative hepatoxicity risks it poses, which is a scary prospect and burden to have carried for this long … Being 20 … I am now suffering with injuries not healing, lower back pain, hair loss and still have painful acne … We need a treatment, please help us …”

J. (male, age 25)

“…Acne is probably the worst thing in my life. It has honestly altered who I am. I was once carefree, adventurous, outgoing, confident. Acne has taken all that away from me. I just feel gross most of the time. Weird and abnormal. I never feel fresh, clean or pure. I don’t want to be around anyone or look in the mirror. Haven’t been in a relationship for years. It has taken away my confidence and free spirit and made me antisocial, … My whole personality has kind of been shaped by it now that I think about it. A non acne sufferer would probably just laugh a statement like this off and say, ‘it’s not that big of a deal!’… But people with acne, especially those who are adults and have tried everything, only to be plagued day in and day out with this disease know its not that easy.

I’m so grateful someone is finally working on this. Your work is incredibly appreciated …”