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Wir freuen uns eucht mitteilen zu können, dass Origimm am diesjährigen Wiener Forschungsfest im Rathaus teilnimmt. Schaut vorbei und macht mit uns gemeinsam spannende Experimente zum Thema „Deine Haut und Akne“!

We are happy to announce that Origimm is participating in this year’s Wiener Forschungsfest at the Viennese Rathaus. Visit us at our booth called “Your Skin and Acne” and discover the skin and its microbiome!

For more information see Webseite Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Intellectual Property Specialist (m/f/d)

To enable our small and personable R&D team to concentrate on their core activities, we are looking for a full-time Intellectual Property Specialist (m/f/d). The employee will be responsible for the Intellectual property matters of the company, will be the first point of contact for external partners and will lead the respective projects pro-actively. In addition, the incumbent will support the grant management of the company, grant application process and support R&D in preparation or review of various documents, if necessary and reasonable.