Relying on scientific rigor and honesty, Origimm strives to establish itself as the leader in pioneering medical research that delivers superior products to prevent and treat disorders associated with the skin microbiome. Our goal is to address the main factors that  cause  these disorders,  not only to treat their symptoms.

We see opportunities where others see obstacles, we dare to think outside the lines, we dare to be different. We follow our vision by adhering to a strong work ethic, based on mutual trust and concern for the good of others, including our patients, investors and business partners.


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Skin Microbiome

The skin microbiome is a large and diverse collection of bacteria, fungi and viruses that inhabit the human skin. These microorganisms vary both between individuals and between different skin sites.

The majority of skin microbes are harmless, or even beneficial, to their host, however more virulent species can also be found among them. These can take advantage of weakened immune defenses or changes in the skin’s protective barrier, inducing skin diseases, wound infections or even serious, life-threatening internal infections.

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Origimm develops preventive and therapeutic products that act against those skin-colonizing bacteria that can induce skin disease or internal infections (e.g. infections associated with the insertion of prosthetic implants or medical devices).

Our lead program is the immune therapy against Propionibacterium (Cutibacterium) acnes for treatment of acne vulgaris. Clinical studies are ongoing.

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For Patients

Origimm is developing safe therapies that are effective in the long-term, because they are addressing the root cause of the disease, not only treating the symptoms. Our approach is enabling us to develop breakthrough therapies for the prevention and treatment of skin microbiome-associated diseases, such as acne vulgaris.

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About us

Member-of-Biotech-AustriaAcquired by Sanofi on December 2021, Origimm (‘Origins of Immunity’) is an Austrian biotechnology company, which specializes in the discovery of antigens and dermatological drug targets against diseases induced by skin colonizing bacteria.

The company uses its proprietary technology to identify highly protective antigens and therapeutic targets by reverse functional screening, thereby significantly improving the success in the selection of the most effective active ingredients and products for maintaining skin health, and for preventing or treating disease.

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