ProVaDis (Protection-based Vaccine Discovery) is a vaccine antigen discovery platform that selects antigens by a reverse functional screening (Figure 2).

Contrary to conventional antigen discovery methods, which in the early stages rely on assumptions and indirect evidence about an antigen’s protective potential, ProVaDis selects antigens based on the protective activity of antibodies which are demonstrated to act against a pathogen in functional immune assays.

ProVaDis enables Origimm to:

  • select the most functional, highly protective antigen candidates
  • significantly reduce the complexity of the antigen screening
  • select a mixture of protective antigens acting in a synergic manner
  • select novel, protective antigens that would be missed by the conventional antigen identification methods



ProVaDis – selecting protective antigens.


The immunological assays are adapted to a specific pathogen and may include one or more of the following: induction of phagocytic killing (opsonisation), neutralization of cell adhesion or biofilm formation, neutralization of toxin activity, inhibition of secretion and cell signalling (disruption of cell-to-cell communication) and the induction of antibody-dependent cytotoxicity (ADCC).

T-cell and B-cell dependent assays are additionally developed and used for antigen selection as needed, depending on the known pathogen-specific protective immune mechanisms.


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