Sheila Patrick, PhD and Andrew McDowel, PhD are key experts on P. acnes genetics and the role of the resident microbiota in human health and disease. They were among the first researchers to recognize the pathogenic role of P. acnes in acne during their studies at the Centre for Infection and Immunity, Queen’s University Belfast.

Christopher Gerner, PhD is a Professor at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna with more than 20 years of experience in proteomics analysis and biomarker research. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and has contributed to many national and international scientific co-operation projects.

Thomas Decker, PhD is an internationally recognized researcher specializing in immune signaling, particularly in the host-pathogen interactions.

Stefan Schild, PhD is an expert in bacterial biofilm formation. His research group has established various biofilm-related research models, which are utilized to investigate biofilm-specific therapeutic approaches.

Dagmar Stoiber-Sakaguchi, PhD investigates alterations in immune signaling that lead to pathology. She is especially skillful in establishing various models mimicking human disease.