Alison Layton, MD is an experienced dermatologist and a key opinion leader on acne vulgaris diagnosis and treatment. She developed the European Dermatology acne guidelines and has acted as Chief Investigator and Principal Investigator for many clinical trials embracing acne and rosacea. She is a member of the Executive Council of the European Expert Panel for Acne and the Global Alliance Steering Group for Acne.

Anne Eady, PhD is a skin microbiologist and a key opinion leader on the pathogenesis and treatment of acne. During her long research career she has been involved in numerous acne vulgaris clinical research studies that made considerable advances in this medical field.

Dorota Steffanson, MD is a lead specialist for acne vulgaris treatment in Vienna. She received her medical training in the Medical School in Bratislava, Slovakia and Vienna Medical University, in Austria. She specialized in the treatment of acne and skin allergic diseases at the Dermatology department of the Vienna General Hospital (AKH), Vienna, Austria. She leads two dermatology clinics in Vienna, and is also a founder of Acne Institute.

Andrej Trampuz, MD is Head of the Center for Septic Surgery and Head of the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory at the Charité – University Medicine Berlin. He is an expert in implant-associated infections and a principal investigator of clinical trials involving implant-associated infections. Dr. Trampuz is also the founder of the Pro-Implant Foundation and the European Prosthetic Joint Infection Cohort (EPJIC), which advance clinical and research knowledge in this field.