Origimm (‘Origins of Immunity’) is an Austrian biotechnology company, which specializes in discovery of antigens and functional drug targets for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and dermatological conditions associated with various microbial species. The company uses its proprietary ProVaDis technology to identify highly protective antigens by reverse functional screening and significantly improves the success in the selection of the most protective antigen candidates.

Origimm’s lead program is a vaccine against Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) to prevent and treat acne vulgaris and to prevent implant-associated P. acnes infections.

Origimm began as a project driven by Sanja’s scientific curiosity and her desire to develop simpler and more reliable research methods that deliver better medicinal products. During her many years of work on antigen discovery and antigen validation, she identified weaknesses in the currently available methods for candidate antigen identification and invented a new technology platform (ProVaDis), which enables rapid and more reliable antigen selection.

After generating first experimental demonstration of the technology potential, in 2014 Sanja and her former colleague, Dr. Tamás Berke have joined forces and founded Origimm Biotechnology GmbH. They raised more funds and recruited additional team members sharing their vision and values.

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” Albert Szent-Györgyi